The Mimosa part 3

I hadn’t expected to have an update on my mimosa tree so soon, but things are afoot, my friends. This morning I discovered three flowers on my tree, all on the same branch. Here is a picture of one, and while it is a rather poor picture, I can also state that this is a bit of a poor flower, as well:


And here is another picture:


I hope you can imagine how the tree would look if it were covered in hundreds of these. They look like some sort of tuft on the head of an exotic bird strutting its way through the grassland or jungle. Heck, it looks like a hat suitable for a fairy out for her summer tea at her friend’s house the butterfly.
I really did not expect to see any flowers this year, this being mid- August and all. Our first frost is only about a month away, after all. But there’s a lesson here for the Christian gears that turn my thought processes, and it is this: it is never too late. There is always hope.
I am happy.


2 thoughts on “The Mimosa part 3

    • It really made my day to spot this flower through the back door. This tells me (I think it does) that the tree continues to recover from last winter. It tells me about the resiliency of nature.


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