Recipe: laundry soap

I was hoping to do a creative write to add to my blog today. Unfortunately, I suffered chore-induced creative block. So I thought I would at least add a recipe. This is a dry recipe for making my own laundry soap. It is easy, the kids can do it, the minions can do it, aliens can probably do it depending on, you know, digits…but I wouldn’t trust a pet.

I store it in an old plastic ice cream container, with a tablespoon measuring spoon. I also wrote on the bucket in a few places, so that others may see the instructions. Because, gladly, I am not the only one who does laundry in this place.

Homemade Laundry Soap


one bar of Ivory soap, grated (with a cow bell shaped cheese grater) into aprox. 2 C of filmy white flakes*

1C washing soda, 20 mule team stuff

1C washing soda, Arm & Hammer stuff


After grating up your chosen brand of bar soap, simply mix it with the other two ingredients in a container of your choice.

To use:

Add 2 Tb to running water in the washing machine and let it dissolve some. If, after doing laundry, you see a lot of the soap flakes in your laundry sink, you might use hot water at first to help it dissolve more. Let it mix well with the water, or it will get pressed into your clothing and not do its job. These little details are fine for me to have to deal with because the result is brighter clothing, huge savings, and fewer skin problems.

* I use Ivory, but Fels Naphtha was the recommended brand when I did my initial research. I tried it, and then tried something else, before settling on Ivory. Any older brand will do, as far as I understand.

I buy ten-bar packs of Ivory soap and each bar comes to about 45 cents. Washing sodas can be used for so many other things as well. This particular recipe lasts up to two weeks, depending on who is doing however much laundry. All around, it’s a good investment.

Laundry: done. Self reliance trick of the day: done. Back to my book.






4 thoughts on “Recipe: laundry soap

  1. I keep meaning to try this. I think it’s the grating of the soap that puts me off. I like that it’s chemically uncomplicated, though. I’m sure it’s better for the skin, not to mention the clothing. Not to mention a lot cheaper.


  2. When I timed myself, I found it took 45 seconds for me to grate an entire bar of Ivory, when I really pushed myself. Usually it takes a minute. Also, I use the big-flake size grater on the one side, none of the little ones for spices or whatever.
    And then I have a soapy cheese grater to soak in the sink.
    It’s kind of a pain. One of the little pains in life that we get to decide: does this one annoy me enough to avoid it, or not? For my part, I had the same kind of reaction when I looked up the liquid recipes. Just: Ugh.


  3. It’s not a time thing that puts me off… it’s the wear and tear on my hands. I wonder if I could use the food processor to grate the soap…


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